New Friends

Sunday, July 22, 2007

These are my newest masks. The one on the left came from South Africa, my pal Dan brought it back from his visit a month or so ago. The other is from Indonesia. It came from the Super Mall in Auburn. Soon they will join my other masks displayed in the spare room. For a closer look call me and a short tour will be arranged for you. As always tobacco products are prohibited at the "MAC SHACK".

Dead Mans Party

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Check out my cool "Dia de los muertos" thingy. I got it from the DW back before she was the DW. "Its a dead mans party, who could ask for more?

Everybodies coming, leave your body at the door.

Leave your body and soul at the door. Don't run away, its only me.

don't be afraid of what you cannot see.

I just love that OINGO BOINGO, but not to marry.

H.P. Social

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Look at these pictures.My backyard is crawling with Mormons. We held a High Priest get-together at our house a couple of weeks ago and all these nice folks attended. Having Mormons at your party is great for several reasons. One is that nobody is gonna get drunk and start a fight or zook on your bathroom floor.They are always respectful of your stuff and there is never any potty mouth. Best of all you get to hang out in a casual setting , in comfortable clothes, unlike when we're at church. Another great thing is that when its time for them to go home,they go, but not without helping you clean up first. We Mormons are just like other people we wanna be loved, we wanna be safe and we want a fist full of Arby's coupons. But no Jamocha shakes cuz they make 'em with real coffee.OK we don't all like Arby's, some of us like the Super China Buffet. I'll be lookin' for you all by the mondo bowl of peel and eat shrimp. Yummm, thems good eats.

Super Hero

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hey lady, leave me alone. This is not your garbage can lid.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some of you may be animal lovers. Keeping, and even perhaps loving, a dog a cat or ferrett. I too love critters, but to own a dog or cat here in the city you also must pick up their poo. I am totally not intrested in that. In fact I don't love anything that much. Oh sure I have kids of my own, but if I would've had to clean up after those little "House Apes" for more than a few years I might have left them on the door step of the nearest dog pound,or more appropriately termed, dog impound.

The DW is allergic to most fur bearin' beasties, except me that is. I do keep a few pets though, to the right is Xena my Emperer scorpion. She died about 4 years ago so she has totally lost her appitite for cricketts, ergo no poo, brilliant ain't it. I also have Polka the dried puffer fish, not only no poo from this one but no water in the tank to mess with. I do have one live pet, its a red betta by the name of Alpha. I feed her every other day and shes cool with that. I don't have a photo of Alpha due to a funky "No Pictures" clause in her contract. Who would've thought Betta would have such a strong union????

I gotta go now some slob let their cat out and I have to pick up the poo in my garden before it kills my poppys. If I catch that cat I'm gonna give it a flying lesson.

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