Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hey, look you guys its my dear ol' dad. He's not a cop, but he plays one on TV.

MEME all off in your eye.

The DW MEMED me and until she did I had no bleedin' idea what the Helsinki a MEME even was, other than some big gal who was on the Drew Carey Show. She always wore moo moos and had hideous make-up that looked like it was applied by Earl Schieb.

Anyways... I'm supposed to post five things you cyberlings don't know about me. So here it is - the naked and brutal truth. Don't hate me. I'm not special like you.

1. I could subsist on a diet of mustard sandwichs and walnuts. Walnuts by themselves, not on the sandwich. And Frenchs plain ol' yella mustard not that foo foo coarse ground, brown stuff. That's jive and will never do for a classic mustard sammi.

2. My all-time favorite hymn is "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief ". Following closely on the Best Loved Melodies list are "O My Father" and "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". All of those songs touch my heart and can set me to bawling. I'm just a big weepy soft hearted boob. That fact, however, is not much of a secret. What can I say? When the Spirit presses down on my soul tears squirt out.

3. For all of my kindness and service for others, I still have a dark and contentious nature that I am trying to overcome. Lord help me.

4. When I was younger I could throw a baseball in excess of 100 MPH on a radar gun, I've thrown a whiffle ball 55 MPH when I was 39 years old. The last time I threw, I was 41 and tore up my shoulder trying to best my oldest sons 75 MPH, which I did at 77 MPH. Since that stunt I can't even throw overhand anymore. That's what happens when you get old and give out.

5. Although I've been married twice before I met the Mrs., I have never loved anyone or anything more deeply than I do her. She is the breath in my lungs. I am commited to her fully and we are doing our best to walk with our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Through him and with her forever isn't some gooshy, silly lovers dream that the world throws around. But a very real possibility. I would drag my tongue across flamming glass if it made her happy, or at least put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, (cuz that does make her happy). I LOVE YOU Mrs. Mac!!!!!!!!! And that also is no much of a secret. I love you baby girl.


Monday, January 01, 2007

So here I am fresh into the year 2007 and not a flying car in sight, people are killing one another at a record rate, and the world is full scale selling darkness for light.Well Im not gonna get all heavy on ya, cuz anyone who has ever read some scripture ought not be surprised. Although I would've thought that we would all at the very least, own Junior Birdman Rocket packs.Progress comes slowly at times I suppose.
Anyway what this Blog is about is what we,(when I say we I mean you and me) gonna resolve to do this comming year to be better people, saints ,Family members, kick boxers or dog polishers.Now don't get crazy and try for something impossible like world peace or getting kids to be totally quiet in church cuz that would be like trying to nail Jello to a tree. Im just asking you to list one or two ideas for a worthwhile change you or I can employ in the next year to make our or your world a better place.So come on people what have you got, you're all very clever, creative, and thoughtful, so tell Daddy Shark how thats gonna happen.
As for me Im gonna try to be a better commuter, stress less when the non-driving bozo in the other car can't read my mind. I resolve not to question their ancesstory or IQ.Im gonna sit back relax and breath through my nose. OK the floor, or shall I say the Blog is open. How's it gonna be????

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