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Monday, May 25, 2009

This is a double duty post. First off meet my new pet fish, Squish. The DW named him, and it's a right good name. If you've followed my blog all along you may know that this is my third Beta. Hopefully he lives longer than Alpha and Firefin. Won't you join me in welcoming Squish to the family.

The other picture is just some light play I noticed and photographed @ 6:30 AM. It's when the sun is rising and forces it's way down the hall. I rather think it's kinda cool. If you double-click on the top picture you'll get a better feel for the contrasts.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The other evening the DW and I went to Salish Lodge for a nice romantic dinner. SisMac had been wanting to take me there for a long time and it was a spectacular day so away we went. I've been hearing raves about this place for a while now so I was eager to give it a taste. Many of you may not know it , though my belly may show it, my middle name is feedbag.

The service was top notch, dude never let our glasses get low on Perrier, you know, when you wanna pay 4 bux for a bottle of water. The DW had a Golden beet salad and I had a fresh picked organic chlorophyl extravaganza, complete with edible yellow flowers. Both were quite good but after the fact I wished I'd had what she had. You can't beat beets, I mean come on!! The appitizer plate was really wild, duck prosciutto. I don't know what freak even thought of that, but give that nut a prize. Then came the entree portion of the grubfest. I had the Rib Eye (typical), with fiddle head ferns, (tastes of asparagus minus the stinky pee later on), a chopped potato/sweet onion/lobster thing the size and shape of a hockey puck with a fried duck egg on top and a barely cooked prime rib eye with a raspberry creamy drizzle run across the steak. The beef was way good rich and irony, that critter didn't die in vain and had never had no stinking corn. BUT. I don't like sauce on my steak, it makes me think they're trying to hide something. In the words of my dear ol' Dad, "If the cut of meat is so bad I gotta put that crap on it, I'll order something else". The spudz too were a bit hinky. They would have been a total loss had I not found the fabulous hunk of lobster hiding in the puck. The duck egg was a nice touch however, rich and ducky. The DW had the King Crab and after tasting it I again wished I'd had what she had. For dessert I had a 3 cheese plate and yet again I chose poorly as to the order in which I consumed them. I saved the Blue Cheese for last and it was kinda glicky. It seems some brute thought it would be a good idea to smoke the cheese. Smoked blue cheese??? It tasted as if it was smoked over an electrical fire, and hard, not creamy like it oughta be. The DW had 3 small scoops of house made ice cream and I had a tiny taste of the cocanut scoop and all I can say is "that ain't right" nothing that good should be served outside the Cellestial Kingdom.

The sunset was inspiring and the company of my "Baby Girl" made it so I coulda' been eating snails and I would've been happy. Come to think of it snailz were on the bill o' fare but I've squashed way too many of them to recognize them as a food group. And I'm embarrased to tell you how much the bill was, one more reason to be glad we don't drink, we woulda had to sell the car and walk home. All in all it was a wonderful time with a wonderful woman. Next time we're goin' for breakfast. TTFN


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Long live Frankie, Eddie & Rob!!!!!!


These are a few of the "records" that have art work that I really likeDo you have a favorite? Which one of these do you like the best, or hate the least?? Come on then.

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