Shining Star

Monday, February 23, 2009

This picture of the DW is the 6th picture in from my 6th photo folder. This gal truely is the Star that lights up my life.I was tagged to do the sixes thing. There isn't many more people for me to tag so I'll just have to let it go. If I was to tag 6 others to post their 6th photo from their 6th photo pholder I'd tag the gal from 32 flavors,Liz P the color chooser, the Laylands, Gage Ray, J.R. (the most evil one),LeeLee the tinkerdoodler of it, and C.R. the official unauthorizer.

P-Day Getaway

Monday, February 16, 2009

We just got home from our nearly annual President's day trip to the coast. I had a wonderful time. I slept on the most restfull mattress I've ever laid my bonez upon, ate bunches of wonderful grub, and took in a chilly but beautimus sunset. Here's a few pix of "Ma Nature"puttin' the finishing touches on Sunday & closin' up for the night.


Sunday, February 08, 2009

I first found this brand at Powell's Books in Portland, when buying sock stuffers for the DW last Christmas. They make a lip balm that is all natural and quite yummy. Well imagine my delight,(go ahead imagine), when I found this soap at Central Market. Some of you may not know it but I like FOO FOO soaps while my DW is a Lever 2000 type. You won't find me at a fragrance free Temple session, but you'll never find me stinky either. Not that the DW is smelly cuz she's not in fact I call her "Blossom". You gotta love a product that is so straight forward with their claim as to say "NO FAKE CRAP". Not many products can make that claim. I haven't tried this soap yet cuz I still have a bar of my stink pretty soap left but I bet when I do break it out I'll be lemon peel zesty citrus cloud clean. Wish me luck. TTFN

Ancient History. My Way

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Our punk kid brother thinks he's the boss over us, let's go take away his life.

Back off turkeys, or I'll shock the snot outta you murmuring mongrels.

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