Monday, May 26, 2008

In memory of Memorial Day.
This is a tribute to all those who have fought and died or fought and lived, which sometimes can be harder. I served in the United States Army, but never went to war, thank heaven. I never knew anyone who actually died in war. I have had friends, however, who were wounded in war. Not all the wounds can be seen. They're carried as emotional scars throughout their lives. I too, salute and honor all those who place themselves in front of the bullets for this, our great country. Not all the wars were just or right, but the honor of serving our country remains.
I take this time to honor John McDonald (no relation, that I know of), Private First Class in the Unites States Army. I used to jog past his grave every other day when I lived near the cemetary. I would always offer a good morning or good afternoon to him as he lie in eternal slumber. PFC John McDonald, Rest In Peace.
One day there will be no wars and we will just honor one another in brotherhood. Peace, out.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Th DW and myself went to see IRON MAN the other night. It was one of the best Super Hero flix yet. I watched the old school cartoon as a kid and loved it. At the time I didn't notice it but all those old cartoons were filled with tons of anti Japanese and German propaganda. I loved the comics and TV cartoons. I even know the words to the theme song, (few people know and less care), but I can also sing you the theme to Captian America, and the Mighty Thor. Oh and I know the Gumby song too. So here goes the lyrics to the IRON MAN theme.
Tony Stark will make you feel, he's a cool Exec' with a heart of steel.
He's Iron Man with jets aflame, he fights for right with Repulsor Rays
Ablazin' armor, that's Iron Man, ablazin armor, that's Iron Man.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Check out the cool signs along the bike trail. They are designed to freak out any bikers who might be riding under the influence of LDS, I mean LSD.It's kinda like old time animation if you're riding past them real fast. If you're walking they're just a bunch of cool painted signz.

what is this stuff??

The DW and I were out for a constitutional when we happened upon this cool plant. Can any of you people identify it for me???

Bickering Beasties

What would you do????????

Sunday, May 11, 2008

If you got home from the store and realized that the cashier didn't charge you for the cottage cheese?


If a begger on the side of the road asked you "would you please give me a dollar"?


If you were terminally ill?


If your church asked you to give your income to them to disperse to others?


If Christ came to your house?


If you magically had one wish? (No fair wishing for more wishes either).


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