Monday, March 30, 2009

I never had any daughters, so I go out of my way to enjoy these great kidz when ever I get the chance. They're really great, and fun to be around. And they mostly laugh at my jokes. They've gone home to Boise now (that's in Idaho), but we'll see them again in July when we road trip for the DW's B-Day.


Monday, March 09, 2009

March 10th is my big sisterz birthday. She is a wonderful human being and a faithful daughter of our Father in Heaven. Sure she's not perfect, (I don't know anyone who's getting translated any time soon), but she tries hard to do her best and servez other tirelessly. I feel it's a trait she got from our Mom. Shannon is a great example of what a Christian really is. I really wish I could be more like her. So far the only way I'm becoming like her is that I've gotten boobz. Not the trait I was hoping for. She never gave up on me although I gave her plenty of reasonz too, and I had totally given up on myself. Shannon singz like a bird, a talent she's magnified over the years. We were together when our Mother died, we each dealt with it differently and it has sent us down some funky paths, but we have both laid claim to the portion of the Atonement that heals the pain and gives the sweetest promise. That we'll see our Mom again and that we are forgiven for sins, after all we can do. I love you Sis, yer the best. Now I'll sing you a B-Day song.
Someone's aging Lord Koom-Bah- Yaw, 55 and climbing Lord Koom-Bah Yaw.

Pool Sharks

Sunday, March 01, 2009

You go,Gals.

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