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Monday, September 24, 2007

I found this little eatery in Oakland Ca. Its on the corner of Clay and 12th or Clay and International, I can't remember. The parking lot was packed so I took that as a good sign. Once inside there was plenty of seating. Mexicali Rose is a place to go to get your "GRUB"on. It's hard to tell from the photo but that plate is nearly an inch and a half deep, and about 15 inches across. Authentic beans con mucho manteca (full o' lard). The salsa was authentico. There's nothing worse than a Mexican restaurant that serves sissy gringo salsa. But the numero uno surprise was the best chili rellano I've ever had in my life. Them's good eats! Thick eggy breading and tons o' cheese inside the pepper. So if you're ever in Oakland, and it's daylight, and you have a fast car and an adventurous spririt, try Mexicali Rose. Just be sure to keep looking over your shoulder. Not the best neighborhood.

Just look at this satisfied customer. Soggy says, "Muy sabroso, no?"

Resturant Review

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Like the sign says, this joint is in Port
Angeles. They should call this place the "Crap House".They weren't all that busy, yet it took the "Hostess" 15 minutes to decide that maybe we weren't invisible. This gal had the customer service skills of Attilla the Hun. She totally reminded me of Selma Diamond, you know the crotchity ol' baliff lady that smoked nearly constantly and had the voice to match, who played on Night Court.
Anyhow the service could have been timed with a sundial, the water tasted glickky, and the whole place smelled of burnt grease.
So if you get hungry in Port Angeles, go to Taco Bell or go scrape mussels off the pier pileings, It'd taste better.

Rating: Full on GAG a BUZZARD.

Resturant Review

Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm no professional, but a fat guy knows food, so from time to time I will post on places to go for great eats. My first posting is Chicago Joes in Las Vegas. We came upon this great little Italian place on a recommend from my sister from another mother Carol. This eatery is not on the strip, and most locals don't even know of it, but what a nice surprise. I had the meat lasagna. Thick, with layer after yummy layer of pasta and cheesy goodness. The sausage was mild with the perfect breath of fennel.

Chicago Joes also has a rich and somewhat dangerous history. It was one of the favorite haunts of mobsters from Vegas' rough and rowdy past. And I swear that the night we ate there that both of the other couples eating there were the stereotypical Mafia looking, talking and even dressing sort I've ever seen in real life. Sure it could've been my overactive imagination, but I think not.

Chicago Joes is located in the old downtown in a small yet comfortable house. So if you're ever in Las Vegas and want a break from the usual casino noise and food, I highly suggest you try Chicago Joes. Call ahead for reservations cuz, as I said, it's a small place that's big on both taste and history (with free parking around back).

Best Four

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Here's my response to the meme from the DW.

4 jobs I've had: Cabinet maker, Dental tech,Frieght dock lumper, Sales rep. trainee for a body shop.

4 favorite TV shows: CSI,Unwrapped, My Name is Earl, any and all football, thats American football, not that soccer jive.

4 favorite foods: Grossly rare beef, a crispy fried pork blade steak, rolled oatmeal at the consistancy of stone, BACON.

4 web sites I visit: Raider Nation,, Pollstar, the various great blogz of all of my creative friends.

4 places I've lived: Sacramento Ca, Reno Nv, San Jose Ca,Tacoma Wa, but let's just keep that one between us girls,OK.

4 places I'd rather be: Fishing on a lake where the fish are big and hungry all day long, on a road trip with the DW seeing this great nation of ours, walking on a beach in Hawaii with the DW, in a hammock, sleeping in the shade, surrounded by a grove of honeysuckle in full bloom.

4 movies I love:

Jerimiah Johnson, Quigley Down Under, Mirrormask, Stardust.

There it is there.

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