The Shiney Thing and the Seascape

Monday, February 26, 2007

It's hard to believe but the DW & I have been hitched for a year and a half already. Talk about yer wedded bliss, OK lets not, suffice it to say BLAMMO!!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow we have set about to stocking "McRobertson Arms" with artwork that we both can agree on. This hasn't been easy since Baby Girl has her style preference and all my taste is in my mouth. Like she would go for an oil painting and Im a kung fu poster kinda guy. She enjoys art films and I like Ultra Man, see some of my early posts if you haven't met Ultra Man yet. Don't laugh, he's the only thing keeping your home from being heavily trodden upon by giant monsters. Sorry I went off, its just that I know he's real, and a few of you still think I should check into the nearest loony bin for a few days holiday.

No matter, here are a few items the DW and I actually agreed upon to adorn our domicile. If you want, call us up and we may be able to arrange a private tour. As always smoking and spit tobacco are not allowed at "McRobertson Arms." And thank you for your continued support.

All time Lowe

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I hope I've finally learned my lesson. Once again I ventured into Lowe's hardware, emphasis on the HARD, to buy something. Now usually when I go there,I somehow become invisible, either that or the workers turn invisible. This time however the gal at the customer service counter could actually see me, so I inquired as to the where abouts of the roofing products. With a totally vacant stare she motioned toward the back of the store and sez " I really couldn't tell you, its some where back there diagonally, I think".

Knowing only slightly more than I did before I wasted the Employee of the Months time, I begin wandering around the store like a blind dog in a butcher shop. You know following my nose, hoping to smell wood products. So I finally find the comp shingles Im looking to buy, except every bundle is torn open as if a rabid pack of roofing rats had attacked them. Frustrated I head out of the store, and Im sure I looked funny cuz I was kicking myself in the butt all the way out for thinking that I could get anything done at Lowe's.

Then all was MO' betta cuz I went to HOME DEPOT, the do it yourselfers Valahalla. Everything I needed was right in the front of the store. I was in and out in 10 minutes or so. So my advice to all of you is go to HOME DEPOT cuz they got what you need, and they can see their customers. If it gets intresting I'll post as to the progress of the reroofing of the shed.


Presidents Day

Friday, February 23, 2007

Me and Sister McDonald and a few of our friends rented a house at Ocean Shores for the week end. It was fun to get away, even if the weather was crappy. It really stormed a couple of times and the surf was wicked pounding. I love the power of the ocean, somehow it helps me to think of the majisty and powerful wisdom of my Heavenly Father.

We had a lunch and dinner at an Irish pub called Galway Bay. The food was ever so good, espically the traditional Irish fare. If you're ever in Open Sores I mean Ocean Shores you will really be missing out if you don't take at least one meal at the pub. I did however get a speeding ticket and that sucked but other than that a splendid time was had by one and all. Maybe next time we can take all of you out there in Blogsylvania.



Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can anyone tell me why this doll is smiling???

Something yummy goes to the blogger with the best story as to why this cute lil' guy is so happy.

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